Why Deep Green Resistance?
1. Industrial civilization is killing all life on our planet, driving to extinction 200 species per day, and it won’t stop voluntarily. Global warming is happening now, at an astounding speed. The only honest solution is to stop industrial civilization from burning fossil fuels.
2. Most consumption is based on violence against people (human and non-human) and on degrading & destroying landbases across the planet.
3. Life on Earth is more important than this insane, temporary culture based on hyper-exploitation of finite resources. This culture needs to be destroyed before it consumes all life on this planet.
4. Humanity is not the same as civilization. Humans have developed many sane and sustainable cultures, themselves at risk from civilization.
5. Most people know this culture is insane and needs radical change, but don’t see any way to bring the change about.
6. Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, Deep Green Resistance questions the existence and necessity of civilization itself. DGR asks “What if we do away with civilization altogether?”
7. Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, DGR asks “What must we do to be effective?”, not “What will those in power allow us to do?”
8. DGR offers organized, reliable ways to promote sane ways of living and surviving the ongoing crisis.
9. DGR has a realistic plan to stop the insanity, Decisive Ecological Warfare.
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Image: “Keep The Oil In The Soil” protest banner, from Popular Resistance


Gold on Quartz, from USA.


This is a picture of The Eden Project in Cornwall England. This is a polyculture design of permaculture. Conventional farming uses monoculture planting. This makes the plant more susceptible to pests and disease. (source)


Agnes Denes —  Tree Mountain (Ylöjärvi, Finland), 1982/2001

Imi Knoebel - Ohne Titel / untitled - 1977